The Truth Will Set You Free

Truth will set you free. It will set you free for the truth is simple, but we make it so complex because we don’t understand the world. We expect nuclear cataclysm to end the world instead of peace and prosperity. But thank God there’s enough of us who believe that peace, freedom, and prosperity is at the end of our journey. The Bible is a book that does not lie. It now reveals that the end of the world as we know it is at hand. This is Armageddon. It is the battle between good and evil. The battle is now being waged in the United States. The battle is between socialism and democracy. This battle will not end in cataclysm but in peace and prosperity. It is the way of God and nobody can upstage God.

The story of the Bible was given to me, a woman, not a man, to disseminate the truth. The following web pages will boggle your mind, only because we don’t know how to read the Bible.

Nadia Fabian is the author of The World Will Not End With A Bang But A Whimper. Her upcoming book, The Bible is the Story of America, contains more details about God, the Bible and our country.

The Bible is a book that does not lie.


The World Will Not End With a Bang but a Whimper

by Nadia Fabian